Under-the-Radar AI Investment Opportunities for 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a cornerstone of modern technology, driving innovation across various sectors. While Nvidia often steals the spotlight with its AI advancements, numerous other companies are leveraging AI in unique and transformative ways. Further, increasing adoption of AI has implications for a broad array of sectors. In this post, we’ll aim to shed light on some lesser-known AI investment themes and interesting companies.




UTILITIES: AI in Energy Optimization


The utility sector is increasingly adopting AI technologies to enhance energy production, distribution, and management. One notable company in this space is Vistra Corp. (VST). Vistra utilizes AI-driven predictive maintenance and demand forecasting to optimize operations and reduce costs. AI algorithms analyze data from various sensors to predict equipment failures before they occur, ensuring seamless energy delivery and reducing downtime. Additionally, AI helps in forecasting energy demand more accurately, allowing for better management of energy resources and integration of renewable energy sources.


As AI technologies continue to evolve and expand, the demand for power is expected to grow significantly. AI applications, especially those involving large-scale data processing and machine learning, require substantial computational power. This surge in demand for energy presents an opportunity for utility companies like Vistra to innovate and scale their operations. By investing in AI-driven energy management solutions, Vistra is well-positioned to meet the increasing power requirements of the AI industry, making it a compelling investment opportunity in the AI-driven future.




NETWORKING & DATA CENTERS: Driving Business Growth with AI


The widespread adoption of AI technologies is significantly driving the growth of the networking and data center sectors. As AI applications become more prevalent, the demand for robust data infrastructure to support these technologies has surged. Companies in networking and data centers are poised to benefit from this increased demand.


Vertiv Holdings (VRT) and Arista Networks (ANET) are standout companies in this area, providing essential infrastructure that supports AI development and deployment.


Vertiv Holdings (VRT) provides critical equipment and services for data centers, which are the backbone of AI operations. The surge in AI applications, from machine learning to data analytics, requires extensive data storage and processing capabilities. Vertiv’s solutions ensure that data centers can handle the increased workload efficiently and reliably. As businesses across various sectors adopt AI, the need for advanced data centers continues to grow, driving business for companies like Vertiv.


Arista Networks (ANET) is known for its advanced networking solutions, including switches and routers that are essential for managing the high data traffic generated by AI applications. AI technologies, particularly those involving large datasets and real-time processing, demand highly efficient and scalable network infrastructure. Arista’s solutions enable seamless data flow and enhanced network performance, making them critical in supporting the growing AI ecosystem. As AI integration expands, the networking infrastructure provided by companies like Arista will see increased demand.


The overall impact of AI on networking and data centers is substantial. As more industries integrate AI into their operations, the need for advanced data processing and networking capabilities will continue to drive business growth in these sectors. Companies that provide the infrastructure to support AI technologies are well-positioned to benefit from this trend, making them attractive investment opportunities.




Procept BioRobotics Corp (PRCT) specializes in medical robotics solutions, particularly for urology. Their AI-driven robotics systems, Aquablation therapy and AquaBeam, offer innovative, minimally invasive alternatives to traditional surgery for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. Procept BioRobotics has demonstrated strong performance, driven by the increasing adoption of their advanced medical technologies.


AeroVironment Inc. (AVAV) is a leader in unmanned aircraft systems and AI-powered solutions for both defense and commercial applications. Their AI-driven technologies are utilized in military operations, disaster response, and environmental monitoring. AeroVironment’s innovative approach and expanding market applications have contributed to its strong performance.


Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) focuses on providing AI-driven data analytics and big data solutions for both government and commercial clients. Palantir’s platforms, such as Gotham and Foundry, are used for various applications, including defense, healthcare, and finance, to derive actionable insights from vast amounts of data. The company’s consistent performance and strategic partnerships have made it a strong performer in the AI sector.





The integration of AI across various sectors demonstrates the broad applicability and transformative potential of this technology. Here’s how these investment themes fit into the broader AI landscape:


(1) Utilities and Energy Optimization:

AI-driven energy management is revolutionizing the utility sector by improving efficiency and reducing costs. As the demand for AI applications grows, so does the need for robust and reliable energy solutions. Companies like Vistra are at the forefront of this transformation, ensuring that the energy infrastructure can support the expanding AI ecosystem.


(2) Networking and Data Centers:

The increasing reliance on data centers for AI processing underscores the importance of advanced networking solutions. AI-driven enhancements in data center management and network performance are critical for supporting the high computational demands of AI applications. Vertiv and Arista Networks are leading the way in providing the necessary infrastructure to sustain AI growth.


(3) Medical Robotics and Solutions:

AI-powered medical technologies are transforming healthcare by providing innovative treatments and improving patient outcomes. Procept BioRobotics’ advanced robotics systems represent the cutting edge of AI in medicine, highlighting the sector’s growth potential.


(4) Unmanned Systems and Data Analytics:

AI-driven unmanned systems and data analytics technologies are expanding applications in defense, environmental monitoring, and big data solutions. Companies like AeroVironment and Palantir Technologies are at the forefront of these advancements, demonstrating AI’s versatility.


These themes and companies illustrate the diverse and far-reaching impact of AI across different industries.




Investing in lesser-known AI companies comes with its own set of risks and rewards. Understanding these factors can help investors make informed decisions and strategically manage their portfolios.




Technological Uncertainty:

The rapid pace of AI development means that today’s cutting-edge technologies can quickly become obsolete. Companies must continuously innovate to stay relevant, which can be challenging and resource-intensive.


Market Volatility:

Lesser-known AI companies often face higher market volatility compared to established firms. Their stock prices can be more susceptible to fluctuations due to limited trading volumes and investor sentiment.


Regulatory Hurdles:

The evolving regulatory landscape for AI technologies can pose challenges. Changes in data privacy laws, ethical guidelines, and industry standards can impact the operations and growth prospects of AI companies.




High Growth Potential:

Early investments in innovative AI applications can yield significant returns as these technologies become mainstream. Lesser-known companies often have untapped potential that, if realized, can lead to substantial growth.


Diversification Benefits:

Investing in a range of AI applications across different sectors provides diversification benefits. This approach helps mitigate sector-specific risks and allows investors to capitalize on various growth opportunities.


Strategic Partnerships:

Many lesser-known AI companies form strategic partnerships with major tech firms. These collaborations can enhance their growth prospects, provide access to new markets, and drive technological advancements.


By carefully weighing these risks and rewards, investors can make strategic decisions that align with their risk tolerance and investment goals. Engaging with lesser-known AI companies offers a unique opportunity to be part of the AI revolution.






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