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Under-the-Radar AI Investment Opportunities for 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a cornerstone of modern technology, driving innovation across various sectors. While Nvidia often steals the spotlight with its AI advancements, numerous other companies are...

DePaolo & May May 29, 2024

Q1 2024 Quarterly Update

IN REVIEW: 2024 Q1   The 1st quarter of 2024 picked up right where we left off in 2023, as stocks continued to surge higher. Markets were buoyed by sustained...

DePaolo & May April 17, 2024

Q4 2023 Quarterly Update

IN REVIEW: 2023   2023 will be remembered as a year that defied expectations. Expectations for inflation, for growth, and for markets. Indeed, equity markets staged a dramatic comeback in...

DePaolo & May January 10, 2024

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