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Financial Planning

A solid financial plan is the foundation of any good wealth strategy. We’ll analyze your current financial situation, understand your goals, and create a plan tailored to help you achieve them. Whether you’re saving for retirement, planning for your children’s education, or looking to grow your wealth, we’ve got you covered.

Our Solution: Right Capital makes financial planning and scenario analysis a breeze, tying together everything from cash flows to education funding, retirement planning, even social security optimization. We’ll help you understand your whole financial picture like never before.

Investment Management

Prudent investment management is key to building and maintaining wealth. Our strategies focus on seizing growth opportunities while preserving capital and mitigating risk through tactical active management. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of the investment landscape to give you confidence and peace of mind. We utilize Schwab, an industry-leading brokerage with more than $7 trillion in client assets, to custody client funds.

Our Solution: Orion helps you understand exactly how your investments are performing. You’ll have full transparency into your holdings, performance, comparisons to benchmarks, and more. And it won’t be a confusing 20-page statement like the other guys give you.

Estate Planning

A well-tailored estate plan can help protect your wealth for generations to come. We recognize that every individual and family is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to estate planning. From wills and trusts to power of attorney and healthcare directives, we’ll help you create a plan that addresses your specific needs and safeguards your legacy.

Our Solution: Wealth combines in-house trust and estate attorneys with technology to provide a fully digital estate planning. Together, we’ll help you create an end-to-end estate plan, including trust, wills, and more. If you’ve already got these, Wealth provides advanced new ways of visualizing and optimizing them for future generations.

Tax Strategy

We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to taxes. Our team will analyze your financial goals, investments, deductions, and credits/offsets to develop a comprehensive tax strategy that aligns with your specific needs. We’ll layer this strategy into your investment management and financial plan to optimize your whole financial picture.

Our Solution: Holistiplan’s platform uses robust tax intelligence to offer customized tax strategy, including tax-efficient withdrawals, Roth conversions, charitable giving, and more. You won’t pay Uncle Sam any more than you have to.

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